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Call Us Today!
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Do I need to take everything out of the drawers?

Please remove any fragile, valuable, or heavy items out of your drawers. Any clothing and linens that you have can be left in the drawers.

What do I do with my plants?

Cummings Moving Inc. can move plants. We just ask that you refrain from watering them a few days before the move to prevent any damage happening to your other items being moved and any water dripping onto the floor of the truck, creating a slippery and potentially hazardous surface.

Should I disconnect my appliances?

Cummings Moving Inc. suggests that for any water and gas lines, contact your local utility companies for proper disconnection procedures.

Is there anything that I would not be able to move?

Laws prohibit us from carrying any hazardous materials. The types of items usually found in the home that fall under the hazardous material designation are paints, paint thinners, rubbing alcohol, charcoal, batteries, etc. Please ask us if you have any questions.

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